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Who We Work With

Highland understands the complex issues fiduciaries face and how those issues inform their decisions. Our clients are plan sponsors, trustees, institutional investors, and individuals across every type of organization.


We focus on serving; participant-directed and trustee directed retirement plans, health and welfare trusts, endowments, foundations, and individuals.

Corporate Retirement

Non-Profit Organizations

Endowment Organizations

Union & Taft Hartley

Public Organizations

Industries We Serve

Law Firms

Law firms have particular challenges around retirement plans, and we provide support on how to maximize deferral opportunities and tax efficiency while serving the recruiting and retention needs of the firm.


Our manufacturing clients’ unique needs to accommodate what can be a low margin, higher turnover business. We have worked closely with our manufacturing clients to implement plan & menu designs and education programs that help maximize participation, deferrals, and investment diversification across the entire workforce to help their participants achieve their retirement goals.


Retailers have different staffing and employee turnover challenges than most other businesses, and we work closely with our retail clients so that we have plan designs, investment menus and processes implemented to help participants maximize the benefits of the Plan.


We have healthcare clients who have a variety of needs whether it be a retirement plan or managing foundation assets, we help these clients we help design and implement plans or investment strategies that can accommodate a wide range of employees or needs.


Not-for-profit organizations struggle to compete for talent with private corporations. We work closely with our NFP clients to offer high-quality, cost-efficient advisory services for 401(K), 403(b), and 457 plans, which are critical for recruiting and retention.

Religious Organizations

While church plans are not subject to the same rules as 401(k) or 403(b) plans, the best ones operate their plans with the same level of rigor. We help these clients integrate their missions and beliefs into their investment portfolios either as a menu offering in their retirement plans or as we work through their strategic asset allocation on their foundations.

Professional Services

Consulting firms and other professional service firms require high-quality, high-touch retirement plans with a compelling investment menu for recruiting and retention and often need non-qualified plans for top management. We help them design and implement qualified and non-qualified plans to meet all of these needs.

Financial Services

Due to the nature of their employees, financial services firms may have more sophisticated plan designs, multiple plans, and more complex investment menus and options, including self-directed brokerage accounts. We have experience designing and implementing such plans.

Independent Schools and Universities

Highland understands that nonprofit schools face challenges unique to their communities. Donors and trustees are often engaged for only short periods before their children move on; such turnover can weaken governance continuity. We partner with client staff to alleviate the investment burden of managing a sophisticated portfolio.


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