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Safe Harbor Plan Design

What is a 401(k) Safe Harbor and is it right for your plan? As your company grows, things change. One of those things should be your company's retirement plan. It should consistently meet the changing needs of the owners and employees. A Safe Harbor 401(k) plan is a type of retirement plan with an employer contribution that allows employers to avoid the most annual compliance tests.

Three Pillars of Wellness

The 3 pillars of wellness, mental, physical and financial. Wellness is a broad scope but can be broken into three key areas: mind, body and money. We have put together some tips to help bring these pillars into balance.

Annual Retirement Plan Checklist

As a plan sponsor, you're automatically a fiduciary. In the world of ERISA, DOL and IRS, a fiduciary is one who acts only in the best interest of a plan's participants and beneficiaries with the care of a "prudent person." You are responsible for keeping your plan in compliance with government regulations. One of the important areas of compliance involves the many documents of plan administration. These documents must be in writing and kept at your fingertips in case you need to refer to them. It is not enough to have copies of the documents in your file cabinet - you must understand and closely follow them.

The Saver’s Credit

You could get paid to save for retirement. If you're saving for retirement at work or in an individual retirement account (IRA), you may already benefit from some great tax savings. But if you qualify for the Retirement Saving Contribution Credit (commonly know as the Saver's CreditL, you might be able to reduce your tax bill even more.

Seeking, Finding and Consolidating Your Accounts

Squirreling away for brighter days. The average person has 12 jobs in their career. When you change jobs you can sometimes end of with multiple retirement investment accounts. Seeking, finding and consolidating your accounts into a single account can make your life so much easier. You have options.

2021 COVID Relief Bill

In this post we discuss the most recent 2021 COVID relief bill and how it effects you and your business. We cover The Payroll Protection Plan, Disaster Tax Relief, Partial Plan Termination and other items of interest.

Missing Participants End of the Year Clean Up

Missing participants are former employees who still have an active retirement plan account balance, and as a plan fiduciary, you're responsible for them. This easy-to-use checklist can help you take control of former employees and your missing participant problem.